Palace of the Republic
공화국 궁전
Palace of the Republic.png
General information
Status Complete
Type Palace, government building
Architectural style Futurism
Location Republic City, United Republic of Tiangong
Construction started 1992
Completed 1998
Cost €1 billion
Height 628 meters
Technical details
Floor count 125
Design and construction
Owner United Republic

The Palace of the Republic, originally called the Palace of Unification, is a 'palace' and government building in the center of Republic City, United Republic. The palace is the official residence of the President of the United Republic of Tiangong and meeting place of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The building also houses a museum dedicated to the history of the nation.

Constructed on the orders of The Great Uniter during the rule of the Earth Empire, the Palace is one of the tallest buildings in the city and the world, with a height of 628 meters. It is located on the site of the old Palace of the Republic, which was demolished to make room for the current building.