The Royal Palace Guards (Arabic: قصر الحرس الملكي, French: Le Palais gardes royales), also known as the Palace Guards Unit (Arabic: وحدة حرس القصر, French: Palais gardes Unité) is a branch of the North Syrian Armed Forces that is responsible for the safety and security of the Royal Family. 

The Royal Palace Guards have a function that is a reminisciant of the Ottoman janissary, to guard the palace and keep members of the Royal Family safe. They often never see combat. 

Culturally, the Royal Palace Guards resemble the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in that they use horses, merely for show and not for use in actual combat. This branch of the Royal Palace Guards are known as the Mounted Royal Equestrians (Arabic: الخيالة الملكية الفرسان, French: Gendarmerie royale Equestrians). The Royal Palace Guards are also those that partake in ceramnial shootings, such as those in funerals and celebrations. 

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