On May 22, 1969, Pakistan invaded Afghanistan from a shepherds' village, Kamala, in South Afghanistan. On June 1, Jepal Qattamor became the President of Pakistan, as more areas were attacked and annexed. On June 9, Indian Muslims were allowed immigrate to Pakistan. Qattapay, Pakistan is where Muslims traveled to from Diu, India, on a free boat service provided by the government. On July 9, the URIP (United Republic of Islamic Pakistan) formed, when Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, fell. Pilia (between Pakistan and India) was Hindu, Christian, and Muslim (part of Britain at the time). The Pakistani military invaded Dhebwa, Pilia on July 28, and on July 30 they invaded Jalka, forming the 24th Province, Jalka Province. The Pilian military operation failed, but it succeeded in Iran. On August 9, Iran was divided into East Iran (Pakistani) and West Iran. On August 12, Pakistan was divided into constituent countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan, and East Iran. On August 13, the capital was formed- Dafodsheh (of East Iran). Kabul was teh capital of Afghanistan, and Islamabad Pakistan. On August 22, Tehran was attacked, and on August 29 Shah Boliz Naim II surrendered, and the whole of Iran became part of Pakistan- as West and East Iran. Pilia was next, and on August 31 the western part fell to Pakistan. The eastern part remained part of Britain. On September 1, 1969, Britain took over Pilia, and on September 14, 1969, Poqalt Afridi Marnizen Hussain III became the First President of Pilia. On September 19, 1969, Pilia became fully independent, as the Republic of Pilia. On September 30, 1969, Pilia became part of Pakistan, rapidly expanding. The US established bases to keep Pakistan out of India, and on October 14, 1969, the Ameropakistani War started. America was losing, but on November 30, 1969, they were able to capture Islamabad and on December 5, Jaqpalore became George Washington City. On December 9, Pakistan surrendered to the United States, and on January 11, 1970, Shah Nidhkur I became the Shah of Iran. Kamala Burdushen I became the President of Afghanistan (on January 29, 1970). From March 1-May 16, 1970, Padhwunkh Malgadhor was the Governor of Pilia. On May 17, 1970, Pilia became independent. On May 19, 1970, Marqeez Mumtaz became governor of Pakistan, and president on May 29, 1970, of the New Republic of Pakistan.

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