Flag of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is on the Indian subcontinent. It is a enemy of India, and is currently in an alliance/union with Iran and Egypt (and Sudan). THIS PAGE IS OPEN TO EDITS BY MODS TO UPDATE ON DATA.

The Union

The union had its roots in a agreement with Iran to ally against India. The two started a joint nuclear program, and Egypt and its vassal/protectorate, Sudan. Then Egypt proposed an alliance/union, and Pakistan, and a bit later Iran, joined. The union members are currently debating which superpower it wants to align with. The USSR is currently the best choice.

Foreign relations

  • Egypt and Iran- Union
    Pakistani Chengdu J-7

    Pakistan Migs

  • USSR- allied and trading
  • Turkey- allied
  • Morocco- enemy in the public, no actual relation (no interactions as of yet, excluding negotiations for dispute over Spanish lands)
  • Germany- leaning toward enemy
  • USA- leaning toward friend (possible alignment)
  • Saudi Arabia- neutral
  • India- Arch enemy
    State emblem of Pakistan

    Coat of Arms of Pakistan


As of 1960, its population is 45 mil. Its weapons mostly consist of WWII era weaponry, although Pakistan recently acquired modern weaponry from Iran and USSR.  The navy is currently weak and developing, its air force strong yet fragile (due to MiGs and the relatively new air force), and its army average for a middle to low class country. The economy and infrastructure is below average for a middle class country, but its main strength comes from its allies.

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