The Pagan Revival was a religious movement throughout the XVII, XVIII and early IX Centuries. The Revival was caused by the several Middle Eastern Wars that had caused the upheaval of Middle Eastern society (starting with the War of Trebizond and ending with the Arsacid Armenian Collapse) after which several soldiers and philosophers, maddened by the losses of so many wars, crossed the nation, preaching several ancient religions. This caused mild unrest in the Middle East as demographics shifted, especially in the   Empire of Aram, where the Semitic polytheism, several Christian heresies and Zoroastrianism returned with a revenge, and the Sassanid Empire, where Zoroastrianism was actually strengthened and reformed, but Manichaeism, Mazdakism and several other minor sects rising.

The Revival by Country


Aram was especially hit by wars, and therefore, especially hit by the Pagan Revival. Several different religions rose in the Aramaic lands:

  • the Mesopotamian Pagans rose in several very regionalistic branches, all of which centred on a single god although acknowledging the other ones as his vassals and also divine:
  • Chaldea and Babylonia settled Marduk as the King of Gods, as patron saints of the city of Babylon. Mardukism was the most prominent of neo-Mesopotamian religions, with a plurality of Sumerians becoming Mardukian (and remaining so to this day).
  • Assyria established Ashur as the King of Gods
  • Syria and Nabatea set Ninurta and Nergal as leaders respectively.


Greek Pagans established themselves very heavily in the south of Greece, especially after the First and Second Arabian Wars, in the south, centreing themselves on Delphi and Athens. The south became so greatly Pagan that one of the great causes for the independence of the Kingdom of Hellas.

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