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Pagan Conversion

The first major conversion of the kingdoms in the British Isles started in 656 AD. There are still tribes all over europe. This game will start in 657 AD. The events for the previous year are as follows: 

  • February 1 – King Sigebert III of Austrasia, age 25, dies after a 22-year reign. His 5-year-old son Dagobert II is kidnapped by the court chancellor, Grimoald the Elder, who makes his own son king; and exiles him to an Irish monastery. Dagobert is placed withDido, bishop of Poitiers, while Grimoald's son Childebert the Adopted assumes the Austrasian throne.
  • King Oswiu of Northumbria invades Pengwern (modern Wales) and kills king Cynddylan in battle, near the River Trent. His brother Morfael and the remains of the royal family flee to Glastening (Wessex).
  • King Œthelwald of Deira is removed from office by his uncle Oswiu, because of his desertion at the Battle of the Winwaed, and replaced by the latter's son Alhfrith, as subject king in a united Northumbria.
  • First Islamic Civil War: An armed revolt erupted in Egypt, several Muslim sympathisers travel to Medina to rally support, beginning the fitna (literally meaning the 'trail of faith'). The Muslim expansion come to a halt, the martial energies of the Islamic forces are directed inwards.
  • June 20 – Uthman ibn Affan is murdered at Medina after an 11-year reign. He is succeeded by Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi-Talib who becomes the fourth caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate. He makes Kufah (Iraq) his capital, but the succession is disputed.
  • November 7 – Battle of the Camel: Rebel Arabs under Aisha (widow of Muhammad) begin a revolt against Ali. They are defeated at Basra and Aisha is exiled to Medina. During the battle 10,000 people lost their life, with each party bearing equal loss.
  • Abdullah ibn Sa'ad, governor of Upper Egypt, dies after a 12-year regime in which he has defeated neighboring Nubia.
  • Empress Saimei of Japan builds a new palace at Asuka (Nara Prefecture), because her former residencetook fire. This construction is called the "Mad Canal" by the people of that day, wasting the labor of tens of thousand workers and a large amount of money.
  • Li Xiăn, seventh son of the Chinese emperor Gao Zong, is made crown prince. His lavish palatial mansion in Chang'an is converted into a Daoist abbey during the Tang Dynasty (approximate date).
  • The Yasaka Shrine is constructed in the Gion district of Kyoto (Japan).
  • Mayan- B'alaj Chan K'awiil was captured by the king of Calakmul but, instead of being sacrificed, he was reinstated on his throne as a vassal of his former enemy, and attacked Tikal in 657, forcing Nuun Ujol Chaak, the then king of Tikal, to temporarily abandon the city. The first two rulers of Dos Pilas continued to use the Mutal emblem glyph of Tikal, and they probably felt that they had a legitimate claim to the throne of Tikal itself. For some reason, B'alaj Chan K'awiil was not installed as the new ruler of Tikal; instead he stayed at Dos Pilas.


See Also: Rules (Pagan Conversion Map Game)

Here are the basic rules for Pagan Conversion:

  • Each turn is 5 years. A new "5 year period" shall begin at 00:00 (UTC) every day. We will post 5 Years at a time for players to respond.
  • Wars will be decided by the algorithm on the talk page.
  • Any player disputes will be resolved by the moderator staff.
  • A player has three plausibility strikes. First time is a warning, second time is a ban and third time you're banned from the game.
  • Players may not create new sciences or technologies on their own but must instead approach the Moderator Team with the technology and provide explanations why they should discover the advancement; it will then be announced in the Mod Events section of the turn. Requests to advance are on the talk page.
  • Mods will not do mod events where their nation is located.


Each Mod will have a region to create events for.



This is preview of a complete map of the world in 657 AD. For the full-sized image click here.


Pagan Conversion Map 1 Altered

Sign Up

All players with reserves sign your name on it

NOTE: Nations in italicize are not centralized, meaning that you cannot act as a unified nation if you play them

For any additions to the list, just make the nation name italicized as default


Near East

South Asia

  • Kanuaj
  • Magadha
  • Kamarupa
  • Valabhi
  • Utkala
  • Nala
  • Odra
  • Kalinga
  • Vengi
  • Calukyas
  • Pallavas
  • Alupa
  • Cera
  • Gangas
  • Pandyas
  • Lanka
  • Pyu
  • Haripujaya
  • Zhenla Empire
  • Champa
  • Malayu
  • Srijivaya Dream Helix Fossil SpritePraise Helix (Welcome my children) Tumblr n1i7boISUv1rvlenbo1 500
  • Sunda Tribes (Reserved for Yellow as Revamp of List)

East Asia

  • Tibetan Empire
  • Tang China Lot's of love,

Everyone's Favorite Girl, Kaori! Kaori



  • Wari
  • Tiwanaku Empire
  • Teotihuacan Empire
  • Palenque
  • Copan
  • Tikal
  • Caracol
  • Quirigua
  • Chinkultik
  • Bonampak
  • Yaxchilan
  • Uaxactun
  • Kalakmul
  • Eastern Woodland American people: AH28

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