A World of Difference Pact of Petrograd

The Pact of Petrograd is a military alliance that was formed by the Russian Empire to combat the French-led Continental Alliance, which Russia withdrew from, and the so-called American bloc, which became the Concert of Democracies. The alliance was formed in 1950 in Petrograd when the leaders of Russia, China, Siam-Burma, and Novorossiya met in the Russian capital.

The official de facto leader is Russia, with the three other original signatory members being China, Siam-Burma, and Novorossiya.


Flag Name Year Joined Notes
Flag of Russia Russian Empire 1950 Founding Member and Leader
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Empire of China 1950 Founding Member
Flag of Novorossiya (A World of Difference) Kingdom of Novorossiya 1950 Founding Member (Former Russian colony)
Flag of Thailand Union of Siam - Burma 1950 Founding Member
Flag of Brazil Empire of Brazil 1951 Joined due to wishes for revenge upon France and Spain
Empire of Argentina 1951 Joined for the same reasons as Brazil
Congo 1952 Former Russian colony
Kameroon 1953 Former German colony
Borneo 1954
Novosibir 1955 Former Russian colony
Romania 1960
Indochina 1965

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