NULL AND VOID as of 1989

A military and economic alliance between Scandinavia, the UR, and Italy.


The members of this Pact all affirm their belief in the peace-keeping powers and desire of goodwill brought about by the United League of Nations , and believe that it is their strongest hope to live in peace and friendship with all people of the world, so long as that nation upholds basic human freedoms and rights.

Article 1

All member states of the Pact will agree to never take up arms against another member state, and will do their best to resolve any and all international conflicts peacfully, and under the direction of the ULN whenever possible. Should international offences be committed, then an exception ought to be made to save human rights, as designated by the ULN and individual member nations.

Article 2

All member states will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions and economic processes, by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.

Article 3

All nations may maintain individual militaries, but are encouraged to participate actively in international and joint excercises, seeing as they are apt training for a joint operation. If any nation is attacked, all other nations are obligated and will be forced to take up arms against the invaded member state.

Article 4

All nations in the Pact are responsible for continuation of zombie removal and extermination. In addition, during times of natural disaster, member nations ought to do their best to assist fellow nations so the recovery of the Pact can be swift and efficient.

Signatures and Ratification

  • Emperor Harald I of Scandinavia and the Baltic Confederation, Keeper of the Peace of Northern Europe, Defender of the Holy Lutheran Faith, Grand Commanding Master of the Order of the Seraphim, White Rose and Elephant, King of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, Rightful King of Norway, God save His Grace and Eminence.
  • King Victor-Emamuel III of Italy King of Italy, King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Duke of Savoy, count of Maurienne, Marquis (of the Holy Roman Empire) in Italy; prince of Piedmont, Carignano, Oneglia, Poirino, Trino; Prince and Perpetual vicar of the Holy Roman Empire; prince of Carmagnola, Montmellian with Arbin and Francin, prince bailliff of the Duchy of Aosta, Prince of Chieri, Dronero, Crescentino, Riva di Chieri and Banna, Busca, Bene, Brà, Duke of Genoa, Monferrat, Aosta, Duke of Chablais, Genevois, Duke of Piacenza, Marquis of Saluzzo (Saluces), Ivrea, Susa, of Maro, Oristano, Cesana, Savona, Tarantasia, Borgomanero and Cureggio, Caselle, Rivoli, Pianezza, Govone, Salussola, Racconigi with Tegerone, Migliabruna and Motturone, Cavallermaggiore, Marene, Modane and Lanslebourg, Livorno Ferraris, Santhià Agliè, Centallo and Demonte, Desana, Ghemme, Vigone, Count of Barge, Villafranca, Ginevra, Nizza, Tenda, Romont, Asti, Alessandria, del Goceano, Novara, Tortona, Bobbio, Soissons, Sant'Antioco, Pollenzo, Roccabruna, Tricerro, Bairo, Ozegna, of Apertole, Baron of Vaud and of Faucigni, Lord of Vercelli, Pinerolo, of Lomellina, of Valle Sesia, of Ceva Marquisate, Overlord of Monaco, Roccabruna and 11/12th of Menton, Noble patrician of Venice, patrician of Ferrara.
  • United Republics: Legislative branches both voted a no to the Pact mainly due to Article 3, line 2. 

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