Timeline: New America

OTL equivalent: North California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia
FlagofPacificaNA SealofPacificaNA
Flag of Pacifica Seal of Pacifica
Pacifica in dark green

Splendour without diminishment (English (de facto))

Anthem "Song of the Pacific"
(and largest city)
Language English (de facto)
Demonym Pacifican
Government Parliamentary republic
  legislature Parliament of Pacifica
Prime Minister Christine Gregorie
Population 15,460,175 
Established 2006
Independence from Canada, United States
Currency Continental Dollar
Organizations American Union
Pacifica is a democratic republic located in the northwest area of the North American continent. The nation was founded in 2006, and due to the great number of protests during the New American Revolution, has had an increased progressive faction of people which has led to larger support of the American Union and the American Dollar. The nation is currently lead by Christine Gregorie of the Progressive Party.

Politics of Pacifica

The country of Pacifica is a parliamentary republic with devolution to three lower lying states of the Oregon Assembly, Washington Assembly and the British Columbia Legislature. The national Parliament is elected every four years, unless a motion of no confidence is issued, and are elected through single first-past-the-post districts. The current ruling party since 2006, is the Progressive Party/Coalition Government with Prime Minister Christine Gregorie in charge since the country's founding. The devolved assemblies are all unicameral.

Political Parties

The main political parties are the Progressive Party, Progressive Conservative Party, Green Party and the Socialist Party. The Progressive Party, which is center-left, has ruled in a coalition since 2006 and has done very well in more statewide elections. The Progressive Conservative Party is a "big tent" of the center-right to right and has tried to undo the progressive wave of politics that came out of the Vancouver Radicals protests. The Green Party has been in government as the Junior partner since 2006, as the Socialist Party has also had some minor success.
Party Spectrum Leader Seats in Parliament (275 in total) Seats in AU AU Party Seats in Orgeon/Washington Assemblies/British Columbia Legislature Local Council seats
Progressive Party center-left Christine Gregorie 115 18 Social Democrats and Progressives 54/69/69 3,170
Progressive Conservative Party center-right, conservativism Christy Clark 98 8 American People's Party 54/35/65 1,990
Green Party center-left, environmentalism Francis Wabold 42 4 Green Activists 9/9/7 1,709
Socialist Party left, socialism Darrius Markford 20 3 Group of Socialists and Leftests 2/1/2 900
Conservative People's Party conservativism, contiscpeticism Chris Dudley 0 1 American Conservatives and Reformers 2/1/0 95

2006 General election

After the great change of the political landscape from the recent revolution the homefield advantage was to the more left parties. In a sort of landslide, the leftest parties won a huge majority of the seats with the Progressive Party winning the largest pularlity. The Progressive Party/Green Party Coalition set up a loose constitution with many progressive reforms including regulations, progressive taxation, wildlife and landscape protection and adoption to the American Dollar. Through the worldwide recession, much like the rest of the AU the country was just barely hit, and used more public spending to generate growth and projects around the nation. The strong performance of the government led to high approval ratings and more success in the next elections.

Party Seats in Parliament (275 in total)
Progressive Party 110
Progressive Conservative Party 102
Green Party 45
Socialist Party 18

2010 General election

After much of the success of the first government, and the aftermath of the New American Revolution, the coalition government (Progressive-Green) tried to continue their popular government. Though running against each other in many seats the Progressive Party was able to extend their popularity to gain five seats, all in Washington. Their junior partner, the Green Party, wasn't as lucky and lost three seats in the elections, two of which were lost to the Socialist Party. The Progressive Conservative Party, couldn't make a case that a new conservative government would help the economy and lost four seats in the election. Since the election the Progressive-Green Coalition has raised taxes on the richest to 46.7%, strengthened regulations, and instuted a very liberal reform creating the Pacifca Healthcare Service (PHS) which is Universal health care.

Party Seats in Parliament Seat change
Progressive Party 115 + 5
Progressive Conservative Party 98 - 4
Green Party 42 - 3
Socialist Party 20 + 2

2006 AU elections

After the 2006 General election victory for the Progressive Party (SDaP) and there coalition partners the Green Party (Green Activists), the two parties campaigned on cooperation policies and campaigned on that a conservative AU would lead to another revolution. The Progressive Party and Socialist Party campaigned on adoption of the currency given from the AU, while the Green Party was more cautious to this. Out of the 34 seats, the Progressive Party was able to win 17 seats, while the second place Progressive Conservative Party won 6 seats.

Party AU Party AU Seats
Progressive Party Social Democrats and Progressives 17
Progressive Conservative Party American People's Party 6
Green Party Green Activists 5
Socialist Party Group of Socialists and Leftists 4
Conservative People's Party American Conservatives and Reformers 2

2011 American Union elections

The 2011 election proved that the aftermath of the revolution was still apparent and strong. The rise of contiscepeticism, was't seen in Pacifica and the ACaR, CPP even lost seat in the elections. The only GoSaL represented party, the Socialist Party, lost one of their seats as the Green Party did as well. The Progressive Conservative won two of those lost seats, and the Progressive Party won one of those seats.

Party AU Party Seats Seat changes
Progressive Party Social Democrats and Progressives 18 + 1
Progressive Conservative Party American People's Party 8 + 2
Green Party Green Actvists 4 - 1
Socialist Party Group of Socialists and Leftists 3 - 1
Conservative People's Party American Conservatives and Reformers 1 - 1