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Pacific War
Pacific War OCAM
Clockwise from top left: The USS Arizona (BB-39) burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. Marines rest during the Guadalcanal campaign, Australian commandos in New Guinea, Chinese troops repelling Japanese invaders.
Date 7 July 1937 – 28 October 1947
(10 years, 3 months and 3 weeks)
Location Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia, China, Siberia, Australasia
Result Defeat of the Japanese Empire
Flag of Japan Japan

Flag of Thailand Thailand

Flag of the Republic of China China
US flag 48 stars United States (from 1941)
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom (from 1942)

Flag of the German Empire Germany (from 1942)

Flag of France France (1940-41)

Casualties and losses
millions (tbd) millions (tbd)