Pacific Union
— Nation of the Imperial Federation
Timeline: In Frederick's Fields

OTL equivalent: Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Papua-New Guinea
IFF Polynesia Flag IFF Polynesia Coat of Arms
Flag (WIP) Coat of Arms

In Varietate Concordia (Latin)
("Concord in diversity")

Anthem "God save the King/Queen"
Capital Viti Levu
Largest city Honolulu
Other cities Port Moresby, Funafuti, Honiara, Port-Vila, Apia, Palikir, Nuku'alofa, others
English, French, German (official)
Many Pacific islander languages (regionally official)
  others Creole languages, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi
Catholic Christianity
  others Anglican Christianity, Lutheranism, Seventh-day Adventist, Jewish, traditional faiths
Ethnic groups
Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian
  others South Asian, White
Demonym Pacific
Government Parliamentary Triarchy
  legislature Parliament of the Pacific
Queen/King Victoria II
Georg Friedrich
Philippe IX
  royal house Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Victoria)
Hohenzollern (Georg-Friedrich)
Prime Minister 'Uliti Uata (Conservative Party of the Pacific for Tonga)
Area 70,000 km²
Population 11 million people
Established 1937
Admission 1937
Currency Imperial Pound Sterling (£)
Time zone GMT -10 to +10
  summer no
Abbreviations .pl, .pa, .if
Organizations UN, IF, VB, L-BTO

The Pacific Union (often abbreviated to Pacifica or incorrectly as Polynesia) is a loose federation of several Pacific Islands. The only nation with three heads of state (the Kings of the Imperial Federation, France and Germany) as well as several local monarchies (including Rapa Iti, Rapa Nui, Tahiti, Hawaii, Tonga, and many others), the PU is an anomaly. A relatively poor and small nation, the Pacific Union is rather minor in most topics of conversation, but has importance because of its mineral deposits, large tourist attraction and strategic position in the Pacific Sea.