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Members of the PTU.

The Pacific Trade Union, or PTU, is a trade union created by China in the early 20th century. Its goal is to facilitate free trade and prosperity amongst nations along the Pacific Ocean.


  • China
  • United States of America
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Chile

General Discussion

  • Japan: The Pacific Trade Union should be reformed to become PITO, as a countermeasure for the Confederation of Latin America. It's simple, each nation retains its domestic affairs and infrastructure, but all foreign policies are to go by the Council, which is similar to OTL UN Security Council, how all members have to agree, and if two don't, then the resolution is vetoed. Chile can still be in it, but only as a trading partner.
  • China: Questions how national sovereignty will be protected.
  • U.S-Worries about being forced into international affairs.
  • Japan: We will still have borders, it's like NATO. And a country doesn't have to get involved, if it doesn't want too.

Proposed Resolutions

Passed Resolutions

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