Pacific Trade Organization
OTL equivalent: Australia, Japanese Empire, China, Ecuador
PTO flag.png
Unity through strength, Unity through prosperity
Administrative centerCanberra
Largest city Tokyo
Official languages Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English
Regional Languages various other languages
EstablishmentJuly 1st, 1950


This is an organization which promotes international trade in the Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1950, after being proposed by Ecuador, with Ecuador, GEACOPS, Australia and China being founding members. It is simply a trade organization, and is not an alliance. This will also help regulate trading rules in the Pacific Ocean.

Current Member Nations

  • Flag of Ecuador-Ecuador
  • Flag of the Republic of China-China
  • Flag of Australia-Australia
  • Flag of Argentina-Argentina

Current Regulations, Agreements, and Rules


  • Why is Argentina in this? They aren't on the Pacific.
  • Since Ecuador founded this, could the administration be in Guayaquil?


Nations must get a two-third majority vote to join.


Guatemala would like to join. It offers a significant market for manufactured goods, possesses decent resources of oil, and offers a foothold in the Central American market, all big advantages for the PTO.

  • Aye
    • GEACOP
    • Ecuador
  • Nay
  • Discussion

United States

America has money and stuff. Get hype.

  • Aye
    • GEACOP
  • Nay
  • Discussion