Pacific Bay City
PCF Pacifica Capitol (VegWorld)
Population 1,072,000
Mayor Yuka Hosomura
Our Timeline Equivalent San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Mateo City

Pacific Bay City is the capital and largest city of Pacifica. It is also the largest city on the west coast of Pemhakamik, with a population of 1,072,000.


Originally home to the Yelamu and Ramaytush Costanoan people, the land was bought by the British government to serve as a capital and strategic port on the Pacific coast of Pemhakamik. Over time, Pacific Bay City became a major city, drawing in hordes of people of European descent, mostly from east-coast colonies. Grand buildings were constructed and the city became a center for fine art. The 1906 earthquake destroyed many buildings, but because of good fire-prevention measures in place before the big one, fires broke out only locally but did not consume much of the city. After the earthquake, major reconstruction took place, and better earthquake-resistant techniques were put into place to protect buildings from future earthquakes. For example, the Beaux-Arts Pacifica Capitol building, opened in 1915, contains 7035 metric tons of structural steel. In the 1900s, increasingly, there came to be a major presence of Oriental settlers. In the early part of the 20th century, the largest group was Japanese. Shortly after the Pan-Global War, Chinese and Taiwanese made up the bulk of new Asian immigrants. However, starting in the late 1970s Japanese again started to immigrate in large numbers to Pacific Bay City, now roughly equal in numbers to the Chinese/Taiwanese in the city. Besides the Orient, people from many countries, as well as from within Pacifica have come to call Pacific Bay City their home. Although by now, ethnic groups are more scattered throughout the city, there are still areas made up of primarily one ethnic group. Thus, even now, Chinatowns, Japantowns, and other such enclaves are full of life and exude the cultures of their primary ethic groups. Pacific Bay City has a long history of progressivism and tolerance. Owing to this, it is a major historic center of the homosexual rights and environmental movements. Although Pacific Bay City is not vegetarian by law, an estimated 97% of the city's people do not eat meat. Because of its long history with East Asia, Chinese style mock meat has more varieties in the this city than perhaps any other outside of East Asia. The city is now home to many vegetarian food companies, which are currently expanding in markets worlwide.



97% Vegetarian
47% Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
27% Vegan Vegetarian
22% Lacto Vegetarian
01% Ovo Vegetarian
03% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

37% Oriental
17% Chinese/Taiwanese
15% Japanese
05% other Orientals
35% European
11% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
07% Pacifican Aboriginal
02% Mejican Aboriginal
02% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal
05% Indian
02% Pachan
07% multiple ancestry
03% others

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