PROGUN Indonesia is a firearms advocacy group based in Indonesia. The organization's name "PROGUN" originates from the Philippine gun rights group of the same name, stands for "Peaceful Responsible Owners of Guns" (Indonesian: Hubungi Bertanggung Jawab damai Senjata). It was founded in 2015 by former members of the Indonesan National Police, who felt that gun owners in the country needed an organization to cater to their right to bear arms and sport-shooting rights. 

The organization's headquarters are located in the city Yogyakarta, where many gun owners in Indonesia live. Its founder and owner, Dawood Purnama, stated that he plans on opening another headquarter center in Jakarta and Surabaya ones he meets the sufficient funds to do so.

PROGUN Indonesia also plans to host sporting and recreational shooting events, self-defense classes, gun shows, and competition and firearms-training for law enforcement.  

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