In June 1791, King of France, Louis XVI and his family fled from revolutionary Paris and stayed in Varennes. Louis had to meet Hussars of Duke of Choiseul. But king was recognised by postmaster Drouet; his house was surrounded by a crowd. Hussars crossed over to their side. Louis XVI and his famile were arrested


Hussars remained on side of king. Drouet led crowd to storm house where Louis took refuge. Hussars opened fire on people, killing many humans. Mob made ​​short work of the king and his family. After learning about incident, brother of Louis XVI, Louis, Count of Provence, who had fled abroad, declared himself king. He was supported by the French royalists

At same time, Philip d'Orléans, cousin of king, also declared himself king and was crowned in Paris. He was supported by Girondins, the Jacobins (originally, supporters of constitutional monarchy) and supporters of House of Orleans, as well as National Assembly

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