The following is a transcript of an interview with United States Presidential Candidate Zachary Isaacs, conducted by Padania News Radio reporter Giovanni Berlusconi at the Socialist Party Convention in Concord, New Hampshire. The interview was recorded for airing on domestic PNR radio stations, followed by airings on international PNR stations three days later.

First question, Mr. Isaacs. A lot of Americans have said you are an unusual choice for the Presidential race as you are a scientist. What is your background?

I was educated at MIT longer than many can comprehend. I spent twelve years getting a Phd in Mathematics and Engineering. Because my parents, loving to the very end, paid off my student loans, I now am in a better economic and educational state than my main opponents.

You seem fairly confident. How are you going to deal with the new attack ads Paul Wellstone is dealing out against you?

Paul Wellstone will not win the election, no matter how much he tries. The Democrats haven't won in ten cycles. In fact, a poll last year put the Monarchist Party as a party that was more liked than the Democratic party. The only reason Paul shot his party back into the basic requirements of being mainstream was because people needed something new and quote on quote, "fresh".

What about Steve Forbes? He seems to be gaining a lot of traction.

Steve Forbes, compared to Paul Wellstone, is an amazing candidate. The Republicans have a great track record when winning office. Socialists come in at a close second. Mr. Forbes may not have the best policies when it comes to technological advancement, but if he wins the election, I won't mind four years of him. About the Technology policies, why is it such a highly contested topic in the country?

Tell me, was Padania in the ash cloud?

No. Why do you ask?

That's why you've been able to set up radio stations and send yourselves across the Atlantic just to do an interview. The government was absolutely decimated by the ash cloud. The technological curve essentially put us back 50 years! Hundreds of studies, which many have collaborated on, predicted that if Impact hadn't happened, we would have been able to send computers into space! Aeroplanes that could fly for thousands of miles on one tank! Automobiles that could race at hundreds of km per hour! America was one of the places of technological innovation before Impact, and its wasted its talents in favor of securing territory or expanding its army.

So what are you suggesting America does with new technology?

The United States should use it to feed its citizens more than one meal a day or, or start a space program to explore the stars. There is much more out there than what the current government thinks.

Very interesting, Mr. Isaacs. Now final question: There is a man by the name of Stewart Alexander who hopes to become the Socialist Party nomination next election. Do you feel this man can win the nomination of your party?

I've met Alexander personally and he's an extremely nice and interesting person, but the truth is, prejudices haven't evolved much since 1893 came around. We may not have segregated bathrooms or water fountains anymore, but the White American people still thinks of the Black man as lesser than they are. Even if Mr. Alexander were to win the nomination, he would lose in a landslide.

Well, that wraps it up. Thank you for speaking us with today, Mr. Isaacs, and good luck with the election.

Thank you.

Zachary Isaacs would lose the election in third place, behind Pat Buchanan of the American Reform Party, and Steve Forbes of the Republican Party. Stewart Alexander would go on to win the Socialist Party nomination in 2004 and win the Presidential Election that has since been said by opponents to have been rigged in his favor.

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