Pacific and Indian Treaty Organization
PITO flag.png
Flag of PITO
Pacific and Indian Treaty Organization (orthographic projection).png
Formation 26 January 1962
Type Military and Economic Alliance
Headquarters Saigon, Indochina
Membership Member states

The Pacific and Indian Treaty Organization or PITO, also called the (East) Asian Alliance, is an inter-governmental military alliance based on the signing of the East Asian Treaty on the 26th of January, 1962. PITO is an counter-measure to NATO and was formed at a time when NATO and the Warsaw Pact were squaring off.

Member States


PITO was formed on the 26th of January in 1962. It was designed as an countermeasure to NATO and the Warsaw Pact. PITO, however, worked closely with NATO to keep the Warsaw Pact and Communism contianed in the Soviet Union and its allies. As the Cold War continued, PITO encouraged both allies and non-allies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the Pacific to join PITO in an economic alliance. Australia, New Zealand, and Japan joined PITO, but all three countries managed to keep good relations with both the US and NATO. When the Warsaw Pact fell in the 70's, PITO and NATO grew closer ties togther. Both orgnaizatiosn worked together in rebuilding Iraq and the destruction caused by the Indian and Indochinese Civil War.