Owen Cunningham Wilson (born November 18, 1968) is a U.S. Congressman representing the 14th District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving as a Nationalist since 2011. He is best known for his service in the United States Air Force and for NASA, achieving worldwide fame as a member of the first manned mission to the surface of Mars as part of the Frontier II mission in 2002-2003.

Wilson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Sutton and of the Air Force Academy's School of Engineering graduate program in aeronautic engineering. He was lead pilot and systems specialist on the nine-man Frontier II and was the commander of the surface-expedition component of the mission.

Following retirement from NASA in 2005, Wilson became a public speaker and celebrity figure and eventually became interested in politics, running virtually unopposed in his suburban Dallas district in 2010 as a moderate Nationalist. He is married, with two children, to actress Kate Hudson.

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