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This is the overview timeline for St. George's Night, providing a general view of events in the timeline. For more specific events, see the more specific timelines (TBA).

Specific Timelines

  • 1300s
  • 1400s
  • 1500s
  • 1600s

Overview Timeline

  • 1343: Estonians revolt against Danish and German overlordship in Livonia. Joined by Semigallians, Curonians, Latvians and other groups, they successfully win several initial battles.
  • 1344: Rebel leaders decline to negotiate with leaders of the Livonian Order, preventing them being killed, as happened OTL. Sweden intervenes in the war, helping the rebels defeat a counterattack by the Livonian Order.
  • 1345: The rebels take Riga. The Duchy of Livonia is established under the Swedish crown, with rebel leader Vesse as its first Duke.

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