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Outer Banks Confederacy
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Flag of North Carolina No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

God is Vindicator (English)

Anthem ""Dixie""
Capital Manteo
Largest city Whalebone
Other cities Buxton, Stumpy Point, Duck, Vanguard
Language English
Religion (de-facto) Baptism
Demonym Banker
Government Military Dictatorship
Established 4 July, 1967
Currency Confederate Dollar
The Outer Banks Confederacy is a survivor state in former North Carolina.


Run by a clan of militaristic raiders, the Outer Banks are a dangerous place. They have settlements and fortifications on the main land, including Stumpy Point and Vanguard. They follow the orders and rules of two leaders, Darwin and Alpha. The clan reigns over the banks, and the they have built an impressive salvage nation from the ruins. It is their center of operations as well as the home they had been searching for. Although they are an aggressive people, traders and wasters with business are allowed onto their lands, this has managed to turn their nation into a bustling hub of trade. They scramble under the dual leadership of Alpha and Darwin to secure scrap, lumber, fish and other trade resources.


Currently the largest settlement in the area, Whalebone is a town found at the intersection of Highway 12 and the only bridge to Manteo Island. Whalebone is where most of the inhabitants of the Outer Banks live, citizen or not. This is reflected by the tents and dwellings that cover the half a mile of asphalt and sand between the Banks the Sounds. Makeshift catwalks and bridges run across the top of these homes, allowing people to get through the city without being lost in the maze of huts and ruins. It is also known as the general hub for trade on the Banks, as many merchants have set up shop in Whalebone. Slaves are also sold here.

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