During the last few months of 1812, America was in turmoil; the ruling Democrat-Republican party led by president James Madison declared war on the United Kingdom, and the 1812 elections made tensions worse between the American People. Support for the war in the North had fell as the the poorly trained and equipped American army was being pushed back into American whilst the British were blockading the coast line. Federalist party candidate, DeWitt Clinton campaigned in the north portraying James Madison as a warmonger and stirring up opposition to the war. Despite wide opposition to the war in the more populous northern states, Clinton lost the election to incumbent James Madison by an electoral vote of 39. However, if he had campaigned more vigorously in the state of Pennsylvania, allowing opposition to the war to stir up, he would of won the election. This ALT explores the results of the election, and the increased conservatism of the United States in the subsequent years.

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