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Ottumwa Republic
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Ottumwa, Dahlonega, Rutledge, Agency and Eldon, IA
Flag of Ottumwa (1983DD) Seal of Ottumwa (1983 DD)
Flag Seal
Map of Iowa (1983 DD)
Map of Ottumwa (inside Iowa)

Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain (English)

Capital Ottumwa
Largest city Ottumwa
Other cities Agency, Eldon
  others Spanish
Demonym Ottumwan(s)
Legislature Presidential Republic
President Tom Lazio (Ind.)
Vice-President Matt Dalbey (Ind.)
Population 26,356 
Established 1999

The Republic of Ottumwa is a survivor state, located in Southern Iowa and west of the QCA.






Ottumwa is a direct democracy. It is led by a President, who is in charge of the executive branch, and a Parliament, which is in charge of the judicial and legislative branches. The president is elected every 4 years, with no term limitations. The current president of Ottumwa is Bob Meyers.

Ottumwa's local Parliament is unicameral and has 10 seats. Members of the Parliament may be elected every 2 to 6 years.


Ottumwa's national army, the Ottumwa National Army, is composed of 750 soldiers.

International Relations

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