14th century 1388

1389 The coming Ottoman army fails in Kosovo battle opposite Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians, Bulgarians and Montenegrins.

1390 The battle in Niopolis doesn't happen

1395 The Battle In Odrin Is a victory for Turks

15th century

1401 Ottomans lose in Constantinople and go away from Europe.

1404 Byzantine empire is established again.

1410  Bulgarian-Byzantine war

1412 Byzantine wins over Bulgarians and the borders are changed

1420 Emperor Nikis 2 from Byzantine starts a conflict with Serbia

1424 Stefan 3 the Serbian king is an emperor after win over Byzantine

1430 Sebia captures Balcan parts of Byzantian Empire and stays near to Constantinople

1442 Serbia tries to capture Constantinople

1442 In Smolyan Battle Niku 3 defeats Serbian army and almost all Serbian warriors are killed

1450 Serbia loses all territories except several towns around Belgrad.

1452 Bulgaria captures Belgrad.

1454 Serbia is under Bulgarian and Byzantine Rule.

1465 last Byzantine-Bulgarian War.

1466 Byzantie smashes Bulgarians near Sofia

1492 America is discovered by Christophores Columb in a Spanish ship

16th century


1511 Byzantie captures Venice and Genua

1513 Byzantie loses Venice and Genua

1516 Serbia Revolution Serbia establishes Serbian Kingdom with capital Dubrovnik

1519 Balcan War

1520 Serbia defeats Byzantie

1521 Byzantie has a conflict with Vatican

1522 Byzantie starts a war with Austria and italian cities

1525 Byzantie wins near Wien and Austria admit Wien is independent town

1540 Aztecs defeat Cortes

1544 France fights with Byzantie

1547 France loses and Greeks capture today's Switzerland

1550 Serbian Bulgarian War

1551 Bulgarians defeat and start a north politic

1552 Sweden fights with Poland

1555 Byzantie sends ships in South America

1556 Byzantie makes a colony in South America

1560 Byzantians kill Indians

1562 Aztecs defeat Spanish soldiers

1575 Spain loses and goes away from America

1580 Civil War in Spain

1582 Arabs defeat Spain

1585 Battle Madrid defeat for Spanians

1590 Peace in Grenada Grenada independent

1595 Bulgaria and Byzantie help each other to keep Serbia weak


1505 Byzantie University of Science is open

1510 Serbian Scientist Hu Kids finds a medicine for blak death

1511 Serbian scientist Slobodan Tito finds ancient  fossils and doesn't know how to explain them

1520 Byzantie starts physic academy

1580 Galiley learns in Constantynopole

1590 Galiley finds that speed of a falling body doesn't depend of its mass and moons of Jupiter

1599 Galiley's student Justinian Constantines finds basic principles of relativity


1510 First National Byzantian Performance is shown in Athens

1512 Western Music Instruments are used in Byzantie

1520 Bulgarian artist Van Kaloyanov makes great art

1525 Renesans in Byzantie

1530 Serbian Golden Age in Culture

1535 Serbian writer Michail Servenes writes theater "Serbia"

1545 Many writers in Italy start to imitate Servenes

1551 Byzantian art school is established

1560 Lion Asparuhov paints his famous"Battle Mind"

1597 Byzantian art is in golden times

17th century

War and politics

1601 Byzantie smashes Hungary and starts a pro-Greek reforms in Austria and Italy

1603 Byzantia establishes New Byzantia in South America (today's Argentina) and defeat Aztecs

1606 France defeats Byzantie

1610 Serbian Bulgarian peace

1640 European attack France Grenada and North German Empire attack Byzantian Hungary

1645 Hungary is free and Italy is independent

1647 Byzantie loses all European territories except in Balcans

1650 Byzantian Uprising

1655 Sebian Civil War

1660 France defeats Serbia and almost all Serbian lands are French

1665 Peace between Italy, Byzantian Empire, Bulgaria and France

1670 Spanish-France war

1676 Spain defeats France

1685 Britain captures large territories in North America

1690 Britain establish Britain Empire

1695 British-French War

1696 Bulgarian-Serbian War - Bulgaria loses

Science and Technologies

1603 Byzantian Nies Neten finds the law of gravity

1605 Byzantian Nies Neten creates his Universe theory

1613 Byzantian church forbids Neten's and Constantines' works

1615 Neten is executed and Constantines runs away in Bulgaria

1620 Byzantian emperor Vasilii 12 forbids science

1627 All Byzantian universities are closed

1630 Bulgaria starts a Shumen University

1640 Englishman Ersum Hate proclaims that all except white races are monkeys

1650 Racist movements start in Europe

1660 Blackmen from Asia and Africa are used as slaves

1669 A Blackman Genocide starts in Spain

1675 The kills are stopped

1681 Newton accepts Neten's theory

1683 Newton and Leibnic find Optic laws

1691 Leibnic creates infinirisemal

1698 Bogomil Mo creates Nature Tables of Classification(OTL-Linei)

Art and Society

1620 Byzantian Emperor forbids free forms of art

1631 1000s books are fired in Constantynopole

1637 The Art is forbidden in Byzantian Empire

1646 Bulgaria creates Culture school

1667 Servantes writes "Don Quixote"

1668 Uprisings In Byzantie against the forbids

1676 Eternal forbid for science in Byzantie

18th century

War and politics

1702 Byzantia starts war with Arabian Halyfate

1704 Arabians defeat and get Mala Asia

1706 Arabians try to have Constantynopole

1707 Battle For Constantynopole

1708 Byzantians defeated

1709 Constantynopole falls

1710 Arabian Halyfate attacks Bulgaria

1711 Arabians defeat

1724 New Byzantia is the last independent Greek country

1727 New Byzantia loses by Aztecs

1728 England fights with Netherlands

1730 Dutch lose and Netherlands is under British rule

1731 Britain invades France

1732 France wins

1735 Great French War

1737 France captures North Spain

1740 Russia is established

1741 Russian capital is Moscow

1742 Russia attacks Ukraine

1745 Ukraine defeats Russia

1750 Britain defeats France

1756 Germany is divided

1758 10 countries are left by Germany

1760 Riots in German towns

1766 Great German Revolution

1770 Democratic German Republic

1775 British-German War

1776 Germany defeats Britain

1780 China invades Arabia

1781 China defeats and Arabia comes back in Asia

1784 Constatynopole is free

1785 Bulgarians destroy Ohrid

1786 Bulgarians lose by Byzantians

1787 In North America United British States are established

1790 In South America Aztec Empire and New Byzantia peace

1795 Indian uprisings opposite Greeks in New Byzantie

1799 New Byzantie is divided on five new Indian lands

1800 New Byzantian republic in Constantynopole

Science and Technologies

1705 Electricity is found in Byzantie

1709 After fall of Constantynopole the scientists are released of prisons and run in Serbia

1710 The Frenchmen get the idea

1711 The first electric lamp is invented in Britain

1716 The modern gun is invented

1717 Britain makes an electrogenerator

1720 Britain scientist finds the air machine

1721 Britain first moved by air ships

1731 Arabians find the principles of a logical machine

1745 Chinese establishes telegraph

1750 Japanese creates Phares

1772 Russian finds the table of chemical elements

1773 The biological works of Bulgarian Bogomil Mo are a basic for idea of organic chemistry

1775 Synthetic elements are created

1776 Microscope is invented

1778 Industrialisation in Britain

1779 The Paralyse gas is found in Britain and used against kids and pregnant women

1780 The Aztecs find an antipregnancy medicine

1785 The British create a first form of plane

1788 British start to use planes for travels to America

1790 Electricity is everywhere in Britain

1799 Bulgarian invents the telephone

Art and Society

1710 Mays create art

1712 African art is evolving

1714 Africans renaisance

1715 Bulgarian fire of art pictures

1720 Byzantian total bibliothek fire by Arabians

1721 Arabians forbid art

1722 British art in North America

1723 Grendian Art

1724 Bulgaria forbids sculptures

1764 Arabian art illegal

1767 Arabian art in Europe

1770 Music peak with Mozart and Hies works

1772 Polish writer Jey Jenriks writes the most famous art book Prus Doll

1778 Goethe creates

1795 Michel makes sculptures

19th century


1801 Byzantian republic colonisies Africa

1802 France attacks Africa

1805 Italy attacks Africa

1811 Africa is colonisied by Byzantian Republic, France and Italy

1812 Byzantine-Italian War

1813 Italians win

1814 Italians attack Athens

1815 Byzantines lose Athens

1819 Germany fights with Poland

1820 Germany attacks Italy

1821 Italy defeat Poland and Germany

1822 Italian emperor Meri attack Bulgaria

1826 Bulgaria Loses

1827 Sofia is destroyed

1828 Byzantians start a reformation

1830 Byzantine fight with Arabians

1831 Arabians get Mala Asia

1832 Bulgarians lose from Hungary

1840 Arabian capture Athens

1843 Arabic lose in Arabic-Italian War

1845 Arabian stay in Mala Asia

1846 Byzantie is Greece

1847 Spain fights with Arabians

1856 Arabians defeat and fight with Germany

1857 Germany defeat

1858 Battle In Gent Germans defeat Sweden

1868 Bulgarian Revolution

1870 Bulgarians attack Italy

1875 Bulgaria defeats

1877 Aztecs divide on four countries

1878 Maya attacks Spain

1879 Aztec countries declare war on Europe

1880 Spain loses

1881 Aztecs colonise Pireney lands

1882 Aztecs colonise Africa

1883 Albania makes Uprising in Serbia

1884 Albanian doesn't win

1898 National republicans riot in Aztec lands

===Map In 19th century 1889===


20th century

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