Ottoman Victory


In this timeline, the Ottoman Islamic Empire had huge support from its people within their domains and were able to send millions of dedicated troops to the front in World War 1. With only a few minor Arab unpopular uprisings in the Middle east they are able to secure a major victory against all sides and also regain lost territories in the process.

Entering the War

In 1914 as a member of the central powers the Ottoman Empire joined the war on Germanys side, hoping to recover from past defeats. Immediately thousands of Arabs rushed to recruiting centres and joined the Ottoman military. By 2 months into the war 600,000 Arabs and Turks had entered the frontlines and were engaged in combat against the Russians and British Empires.

Caucasus Front

The ill prepared Russian army engaged the Ottoman forces in the caucasus and were rapidly defeated in 6 weeks, being pushed back to all the way to Georgia. The campaign resulted in the death of 200,000 Russian Imperial soldiers who were either killed, died of starvation or froze to death. The Ottomans secured the front and reclaimed the Caucasus.

North African Front

The Ottoman forces in Gaza launched a border attack against British Egypt and successfully destroyed the vital suez canal. With additional troops arriving they begun an invasion of Egypt, British forces unable to hold due to the vast numbers of Ottoman/Arab soldiers were crushed at Alexandria, the regrouped and were beseiged at Cario which surrendered after 1 week of intense fighting. With no reinforcements arriving from Britain, British forces either surrendered or retreated to Italian held Libya. The Ottomans reclaimed hold of Egypt.

Conquest of Cyprus

The Ottoman navy, which had been somewhat out of action for years, had been now with the help of German assistance rebuilding its fleet and went on the offensive against British-held Cyprus. They bombarded the island for 20 days then launched a ground assault. British and Cyprus Colonials were able to put up a minimal fight against the Turkish soldiers who numbered up to 200,000 strong, and after 10 weeks of fighting the Island was overrun. It was the first Mediterranean island to be reconquered by the Ottoman Empire.

Invasion of Libya

The Ottoman Empire wasted no time when Italy joined the war on side of the allies and begun a cross border assault one similar to the Egyptian campaign. The Ottomans summed up a force which included Turkish and Egyptian assault troops. From Cyprus they bombarded Tripoli and from Egypt sent a force conquering Benghazi in 24 hours. A landing force of reinforcements landed on the beachheads and made their advance toward the capital. By this time the Libyan people rose up against the Italians whom they had been fighting a guerrilla war against under "Sheikh Omar Muktar" and liberated the city and also welcomed the Turkish troops. All remaining Italian forces could not be bothered to continue the fight and surrendered. Libya and been reconquered, and this led to Italy being knocked out hard from the war.

Peace, Treaty of Cairo

1917 for the German and Austro-Hungarian empires the war was still full ahead on, however for the Ottoman empire securing its interests decided to make an independent peace treaty with the exhausted allies. The British with their major defeats in Gallipoli, Egypt and Cyprus were only too happy to accept. The Russian Empire had already been knocked out due to the revolutions at home and thus gave most of its Caucasus lands away to the Turks. The British gave full recognition to Egypt and Cyprus to the Ottomans, the Italians however refused to recognise their loss of Libya and throughout the 1920s and 30s made several failed attempts to retake it and in result lost Sicily to the Ottoman Empire.


By 1918 the Ottoman Empire was once again the most dominant power in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. The Sultan ordered a massive modernisation and advancement of the Ottoman military forces which in his view was lacking with the rest of the world. With a renewed sense of strength the Sultan-Caliph and the Ottoman Empire as a whole were now looking forward in reconquering the rest of North Africa, the Balkans and Beyond......

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