Ottoman Sultanate
Osmanlı Sultanlığı
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Turkey, Greece
OttomanFlag Osmanli-nisani
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Ottoman Sultanate in the south red

Ebedi Devlet (Turkish)
("Eternal State")

Anthem "Ottoman Sultanate Anthem"
Capital and largest city Istanbul
Other cities Ankara, Athens
  others Arabic, Greek
Greek Orthodox
  others Islamic, Roman Catholic
Demonym Ottoman
Government Bicameral Parliamentary Monarchy
  legislature Sultan's Council

Istanbul Palace

Sultan Mehmed XX
  Royal house: Osman
Grand Vizier Ahmed Tevfik Pasha
Established 1299
Currency Ottoman Lire
Organizations Italian League for Peace

Arabic League

The Ottoman Sultanate is an state that was the home of the both Islamic and Greek Orthodox, but currently is a country that commands the Arabic League.

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