Ottoman Democratic Republic
جمهورية ديمقراطي العثماني
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: Most of Turkey
Flag of the Ottoman Empire OttomanRepublicCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Ottoman Republic

اللهم أحفظ العثمانيين (Arab)
("God save the Ottomans")

Anthem "ترنيمه للجمهورية (Republican Anthem)"
Capital and largest city Ankara
Language Arab
  others Greek Orthodox, Georgian Orthodox
Demonym Ottoman
Government Democratic Parlamentary Republic
  legislature Ankara Assembly (House of Representatives, Senate)
President of the Ottomans Abdullah Gül
  Party: Justice and Development (AKP)
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (AKP)
Established Republic Proclamation - May 19, 1919

First Constitution - April 23, 1920

Second Constitution and Ottoman National Defense Party Dissolution - 1941

Currency Ottoman Lire
Organizations United Nations
The Ottoman Republic were the proclamed nation after the Ottoman defeat at the First World War.

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