Ottoman-Holy Roman War

In 1526, after their crushing victory at Mohacs, the Ottoman Empire had a free ride to Vienna, Capital of the Austrian Empire. Suleiman and his generals gathered and army of 120,000 soldiers and laid siege to Vienna in 1529. The Archduke of Austria wasn't expecting such a large force, and within 4 weeks, Vienna falls. The fall of Vienna was a terrible blow to Europe, and so, the Holy Roman Emperor gathers an army to take back Austria. Unfortunately for the Holy Roman Empire, Suleiman was expecting this, and since the Romans attacked in the summer, the Ottomans had the advantage and they decimated the European army. By 1533, all of the Holy Roman Empire was under Ottoman Control. The only city that managed to resist was Rome. This angered Suleiman, so he laid siege to Rome, and cut off all sources of help and escape. Soon the walls crumbled under the might of Ottoman artillery, and the army massacred the opposing army. Suleiman help the Pope hostage, and threatned that he would kill the pope if any European nation attacked the Ottoman Empire.

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