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Ottoman Empire
دولت عليهٔ عثمانیه
Timeline: The Purple Mantle

OTL equivalent: Parts of Turkey
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1844)
"Flag of The Ottoman Empire"

Devlet-i Ebed-müddet (Turkish)Motto
دولت ابد مدت (Turkish)
("The Eternal State")

(and largest city)
Language Ottoman Turkish
Religion Sunni Islam
Ethnic Group Ottoman Turkish
Demonym Ottoman
Government Absolut Monarchy
Area Anatolia region 
Population 35,276,384 
Established 1299 d.C.
Currency akçe
Time Zone EST (UTC + 2)
  summer EEST (UTC + 3)
Calling Code +216
Internet TLD .oe

The Ottoman Empire posed a great threat to the Asian and Europeans kingdoms during several centuries, however they were detained in the XV Century.


XI Century: The Crescent Arabic presence and the divisions weakened the Empire. The crusades continue this process.

XIV Century: The arrival of the Seljuk Turks led to the rise of the Ottoman Empire and important advances over the declining Empire.

XV Century:

1448: The sudden assassination of Murad II and his son Mehmet II (by rival factions on the Turkish tribes) prior to the Second Battle of Kosovo, causes a great defeat the the Ottoman State.

1453: The Ottoman Advance finished the Eastern Roman Empire, but the city remains undefiled and so does the Ancient Tradition in it ...

  • European-Asian Trading Continues.

1470: The Ottoman State launches another attack on the City of Constantinople. However, the siege is curtailed by the joint forces of the Byzantine army/navy, the Wallachian forces and the Italian fleet (fighting more to protect the trading pass than the Byzantines themselves).

  • Internal crisis rises in the Ottoman State, situation exploited by the Byzantines, who reinforce their defenses and expand their territories.

1473: Civil War rises within the Empire, which is divided into several Caliphates claiming the legit right to bear the Imperial Dignities.

  • The Ottoman Caliphates enters a reorganization phase, The Northern Anatolia is taken by the Byzantines seizing the opportunity amid the the chaos in the former Empire

XVI Century:

1515: The Byzantines Capture The City of Suez from the former Ottoman Empire.

1521: The Caliph Suleiman I The Magnificent, ends the Civil War and reunites the Caliphates once again under the Imperial Flag, however much of it's external territories have been lost to neighbor kingdoms.

1526: Suleiman The Magnificent is assassinated by several conspirators (believed to be funded by the Byzantines).

XVII Century:

1671: The Ottoman Empire signs a treaty with the Byzantine Kingdom finishing it's expansionist adventures against them.

XX Century:

1914: First World War:

  • The Ottoman Empire Enters the War on the "Central Powers" side.
  • The Byzantine Kingdom Enters the WWI allied to the "Entente".
  • The Russian Empire Enters the WWI allied to the "Entente", but avoid major involvement, reducing costs. While selling equipment and sending Units along the Byzantine Front.


  • The Aztec Empire Enters the WWI after remaining neutral the first years, allies itself to the "Entente".

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