The Ottoman Empire is a state with is in Europe and the Middle East. It was founded in 1499 and has had a proud history. It was a member of the Asian-Pacific Commonwealth. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1919 after a 420 year history



The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1499.

1919: Mehmed V starts his reign

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In 1912 the Ottoman Empire was in a sticky position, they were fighting a war with Italy over Libya and the tensions in the Balkans were high. Immediately, the Ottomans gave Italy Libya to avoid costs of the war and made an alliance with France, which would last six years. In the latter part of 1912 the Balkan War took place between the Middle East with the Nedj and later the Persian Empire. In this war they took over Kuwait by 1916 and led an amphibious invasion of the Emirates.

In the later part of 1916 Mehmed V proposed the Mehmed project to construct the Ottoman Empire into a modern country. By the time of 1917 the world war was over and two train lines began construction. This project would later be postponed in the latter part of 1917. This angered the people of the Ottoman Empire.

When the French and the Ottomans were talking about the post war, it would always be an incident about the Emirates and who would own it. By the time the war was over (1917) the argument became more fiery as the Ottoman Empire threatening to declare war on the Nedj if they didn't gain control over half of the Emirates. This almost resulted into all out war and the Mehmed project being presupposed.

By 1918 more than half of the allies supported the Treaty of Mesais and it was passed. This frustrated Mehmed V so much that he withdrew from the allies and supported Chile in the South American War. Germany thought this was a threat therefore declaring war on the Ottomans. To add to Ottomans woes the Young Turks movement began their re-evaluation with Nedj help.

On the 3rd July 1918, the unpopular Mehmed V died. The new leader, Mehmed VI, wanted the war to be over with quickly and sued the allies for peace. Nearing the end of 1918 the Ottoman Empire developed their first tanks and got a sample of the flu which was terrorising people all over the world.

This war didn't work out well for the Ottomans as the allies didn't accept there surrender and by the time of 1919 the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Mehmed VI escaped to avoid execution with his nephew. Ottoman long 420 year history was cut short.

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