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Timeline: Rise of Roses

OTL equivalent: Ottoman Empire
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Osmanli-nisani
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire
Map ottoman empire rise of roses
Ottoman Empire in red.

Devlet-i Ebed-muddet (Turkish)
("The Eternal State")

Anthem "Ottoman Imperial Anthem"
Capital Istanbul
Largest city Istanbul
Other cities Ankara, Alexandretta, Sofia, Varna, Solonica, Athens, Bucharest
  others Arabic,Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian, Macedonian
Sunni Muslim
  others Greek Orthodox Church, Shi'ite Muslim
Ethnic Groups
  others Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Arabic, Persian, Azerbaijani, Georgian
Demonym Ottoman
Government Sultanate
  Royal house: Mehmed
Grand Vizier
Area App. 783,562 sq km km²
Population app. 80,000,000 
Established 1299
Currency Turkish Lira (OTT)
Time Zone EET +2
Internet TLD .ott

The Ottoman Empire is a nation on the Middle East and Europe. It is probably the most important and powerful Muslim nation on the world. However, although they are always getting stronger on the Middle East, they are collapsing on most of Europe, where only the Muslim regions of Silistria, Kosovo, Albania and Upper Macedonia, plus a strip of land surrounding the capital (Istanbul) aren't rebelling.