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Ottoman Empire
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu
Timeline: Look Out, Sir! Revised (Map Game)
Flag of the Ottoman Empire No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Constantinople
Largest city Constantinople
Other cities Ankara, Baghdad and Izmir
Turkish, Arabic
  others Greek, Armenian
Sultan Mehmed V
Grand Vizier Said Halin Pasha
Area 2.008 million sq mi km²
Population 16 million 
Established 1299
Currency Lira


Ottoman truth.

The Ottomans beat Hejaz and Nejed in 1916! Yemen and Asir became independent in 1916.5.

1916.5 saw the defeat of Saudi Sultanate of Nejd and the Kingdom of Hejaz.

Bulgaria and Ha'il are Ottoman allies.

The Ottoman-Argentine trade deal was signed in 1917. 

Armed forces

Army is 250,000 strong, up 30,000 since 1915.

The small, but adequate navy built a new sloop of war in 1916, 1926.5 and 1917.