دولت عليهٔ عثمانیه
Devlet-i Âliyye-i Osmâniyye
Ottoman Empire
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Osmanli-nisani
Turkish: دولت ابد مدت

Devlet-i Ebed-müddet
(The Eternal State)

Ottoman Imperial Anthem
Ottoman Empire (Great Poland)
The Ottoman proper (dark green) and its dependancies or colonies (light green)
Capital Istanbul (16,880,000 inh.)
Largest City Cairo (19,182,000 inh.)
Official Language
  • Turkish.
  • Arab, Greek, Persian, German and other 13 languages with regional official status.
Government Type
-Great Pasha
  • Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Ayidir Büker (Mehmed VII).
  • Ahmed Tevfik Pasha
-Mevlevi Revolution.
  • Proper: 5,505,208 sq km
  • Proper and dependancies: 8,245,901 sq km
Population 210,802,000 inh.
GDP Nominal Turkish lira symbol black 8,456 trillion (4th)
GDP PPP 2007 Turkish lira symbol black 9,786 trillion (5th)
HDI 0.900
HDI Rank 19th (very high)
Currency Turkish Lira Turkish lira symbol black
Demonym Ottoman, Turkish (or ethnic demonym).
Administrative Divisions 63 provinces, 15 republics, three territories, three autonomous territories and three colonies.
  • Islam 72.1%
  • Catholicism 25.8%
  • Others 2.1%
Armed Forces 1550 thousand active troops.