Osmanlı İmparatorluğu
Timeline: Dutch Superpower

OTL equivalent: Turkey
Flag of the Ottoman Empire
Flag of Osmanlı İmparatorluğu
(and largest city)
Language Turkish
Religion Islam
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Sultan Bayezid III
Grand Vizir Abdullah Gül
Area 783,562 sq km km²
Population 65,890,000 
Established 1471, 2001 (Reformed)

The Ottoman Empire is a broken shell of a nation, unlike Spain which survived the Cold War as a major global power and was sensible enough to avoid the global disaster that was the Anglo-Dutch Civil War the Ottoman Empire was dragged into a downward spiral that resulted in the succession of all of its provinces bar Anatolia. The Turks, now dubbed the most loyal of Islam by the Caliph are resentful of the Empires continued existence and its continued oppression of Turkey's growing secular movement.

Despite its current state the Empire has a glorious past, At its height the Ottoman Empire lagged behind only the Spanish in terms of Size and was one of the worlds greatest powers and the leader of Islam. After its defeat at Vienna the Empire was reformed in a civil war that saw the Grand Vizir acquire considerable power over the Empire. Although driven out of Europe and North Africa the Empires core provinces enjoyed some of the highest standards of living in the world. Furthermore it was one of the major victors of the World Wars and under Grand Vizir Ioseph Stalin was the largest military power in the world. These glories are all in the past now however and even the Sultan has grown disinterested in his Empire having recently conducted an electoral campaign that saw him elected to President of the Russian Federation.