Greek revolutionaries.

Mustafa III takes throne.

Allies with Britain.


Revolutionary rebel decreases in amount.

Tensions rise after Poland-Lithuania state Ottoman Albania is theirs.

Asks Oman, Ethiopia, Sennar, Darfur, Wadai, Bronu, Small states at Red Sea, Somali states to be our vassal states.

Tries to take Mozambique, Liberia as vassals too, despite a deja colony of Portugal and Venice.

Colonises North Arabia.

Morocco and Ottoman tensions rise.

Trades open with America and Sweden.


Ottoman troops, two million (1.5 million now), retreat from France.

Sanitation improves and believe by 1760, our sanitation will improve by 20%. By 1800, sanitation will improve by 45%!

Warn Portugal their plans of Anti-Ottoman.

Increase in economy due to the new taxes received.


Persia invades Oman, vassal of Ottoman.

Morocco mobilises army, ready for war.

Ottoman asks peace with Morocco and Oman.

Ask Britain to return loans.

Fully colonise the Berbers in West Africa (besides Morocco), small states at Arabia, Somali states, small states beside of Red Sea, and Sudanese tribes.

10,000 soldiers are sent to Liberia and formally take over the colony, expanding the land, too.

Economy starts rising!!!

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