Ottoman Empire

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Ottoman Flag Coat of Arms Empire

Capital City: Istanbul

Other Large Cities:

Baghdad, Riyadh, Jerusalem, Ankara, Antioch

Language: Turkish
Religion: Sunni Islam
Population: 100 Million
Currency: Turkish lira
Area: 3,008,090 sq km
Government: Parliamentary republic

During World War One, the Ottoman Empire was on its knees, and was fighting a losing battle against the Allies in the Middle East. Even though the Ottomans had defeated the British at the Gallipoli and at Kut, the Allies still had strength and were about to deliver a knockout blow to the empire in 1917 when they tried to take Baghdad. The battle looked like it would be a British victory, but at the last minute Mustafa Kemal showed up with an army and attacked the Allied flank, and routed the enemy. The allies left the Middle East after their failure, and made peace with the Ottomans by giving their land in Arabia. After World War One ended the Ottoman Empire modernized its armies and reform swept throughout the nation. In present day, the Ottomans are considered a World Power, and are the world's chief supplier of oil.

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