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The ottoman caliphate is a nation in the Global war reboot that want to remake the Umayyad caliphate.

Capital: Baghdad

Persia: Their ok

Jabal Shammar: best buddy

Afghanistan: their really ok

Russia: Why do you hate this nation? 


1st: 1911 - 1914 2nd: 1914-1914 3rd 1914-1915 4th 1914 - 1916 5th 1916-


Standing army of 2 million out of 3. 1st to use semi auto weaponry. working on a I.C.A.P and Half tracks
  • 1914
  • 1914
  • 1916

Weaponry and gear Assad:semi auto in service Jabala (Assad mk2) in service. Stick Grenades,44 dot camo,and M16 Helmet,Islamic headbands,and, jabala chest rig  


Saifullah Islam: (Killed in a ambushed by Russian spies) Reign of power 1912 - 1913

Abd al-Rahman Walid: (died from old age) Reign of Power 1913-? ( I forgot)

I forgot: (died of a sickness) Reign of power ?- 1916

Sulaiman Butrus Ihab: Reign of power 1916-

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