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Ottoman-Habsburg War
006 siegeofvienna





The countries under Habsburg reign


Ottoman victory
Peace of Vienna
Ceded Austria to Ottomans
Spain and Netherlands declared independence


Ottoman Empire
Spanish rebels
Dutch rebels

Habsburg Empire
Kingdom of Hungary


Ali Pasha (Ottomans)
Sultan Suleiman I (Ottomans)
André Febril (Spain)
Peter Navalis (Netherlands)

Emperor Ferdinand I (Habsburgs)


over 50.000 Ottoman troops
over 32.000 Spanish rebels
over 19.500 Dutch rebels

around 40.000 iperial troops

Casualties and Losses

about 8.250 Ottomans
unknown Spanish and Dutch rebels

24.000 dead in battles, the other are disbanded

The Ottoman-Habsburg War was a conflict in Europe from 1552 (Siege of Drégely) to 1560 (Peace of Vienna). It was in the same time with the Habsburg-French War, the War of the Habsburg Succession and the Austrian War. During the war the Ottoman Empire conquered Austria, Netherland and Spain declared independence.

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