Otto von Tirpitz
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H01757 Erich von Manstein
Otto von Tirpitz in 1855
Born 14th of Novermber, 1830
Danzig, Prussia
Died 15th of March, 1855
Title Chancellor for and Councilor of Silesia
Term 1854-1855
Political party All-Danubian Conservative Party
Children Leopold von Tirpitz

Otto von Tirpitz was a Chancellor of Silesia in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Born to the von Tirpitz family during the height of its fame in Prussia, Otto grew up as an isloated wealthy child. Though when his father lost a major battle against the Russian army in the Franco-Prussian war. This defeat was such a disaster that in the aftermath the Russians conquered Prussia proper! Needing a scapegoat, the Prussian King banished Ottos father, Kurt von Tirpitz, as well as his entire family.

After being banished, Otto's father committed suicide in disgrace but, Otto, not willing to let the family name be ruined, moved to a place of opportunity - the Danubian Federation. Once he moved there, conveniently to a family owned estate, he quickly became interested in Danubian Politics attempting to subtlety get achieve war against Prussia and Russia. It turns out he arrived too late for war with Russia, though he still pushed for war against Prussia, ultimately failing when the Federation and Prussia became allies. In that treaty a fateful thing happened, Silesia was traded for East Prussia.

With Silesia now in the Federation, Otto quickly moved to the new state and started setting up a government and administration. This would end up starting the Silesian Monarchy, and indirectly lead to the Civil war two years after his death.

His Death

The radicals outraged by this new monarchy, called for referendum after referendum to make sure it was legitimate. During this whole affair, there was many illegal activities going on - later attributed to the PR. Otto von Tirpitz was called to court with charges of criminal negligence and subversion of democracy, which he was found guilty of both, and was then sentenced to a penal battalion.

Yet at court he told everyone of the PR that was the cause of this; Unfortunately no one believed him. This let the PR do several acts of terrorism, including two attempts on the King's life, as well as assassinating several prominent ministers in Silesia. The violence peaked at the daring lone gunman assassination of Otto von Tirpitz, in the middle of a penal battalion camp.