Otto IV was born as the son of Johann I of Brandenburg and Sophia of Denmark. He became Margrave of Brandenburg in 1266, governing together with some relatives. During his reign, Brandenburg acquired Lower Lausitz / Lusatia.

In 1295, Roman king Ludwig IV died (one year later than in OTL). The electors chose him new king of the HRE, also numbered Otto IV.

1301, Poland felt threatened by the Germans and the Przemyslids. The king tried to fight them to break free, so a coalition of the Teutonic Order, Bohemia, Moravia and the HRE under king Otto formed against him. The war between Germans and Poles ended in 1308, not in the latter's favor. The Teutonic Order acquired Pommerellen (OTL West Prussia, the Poles also call it Eastern Pomerania), Silesia became a German fief; the western third went to Brandenburg, the rest was divided between Bohemia and Moravia.

In 1309, Otto died; Heinrich VII of Luxemburg (same man as OTL) became new king. In Brandenburg, he was succeeded by his son Waldemar I.

Predecessor: Otto IV Ascanians (Chaos) Successor:
Ludwig IV Otto IV

Roman king of the HRE

Heinrich VII
Otto III

Margrave of Brandenburg

Waldemar I

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