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Otto Dietrich
Timeline: Great White South

Portrait of

President of New Swabia
1982 – 1992

Predecessor Bernhard Knapstein
Successor Linus Ockert
Chancellor Tillo Freudberger; Gretel Leverkusen

Leader of the New Swabian Liberation Party
1967 – 1995

Predecessor Fredrick Klinkhammer
Successor Ernst Hersman

70th Antarctic Tuzelmann Award Laureate
-1984 –

Predecessor Thobias Mjoen
Successor Franz Joseph von Ribbentrop
Born 26th March, 1924 (age 86)
Flag of New Swabia Neumoyer, New Swabia
Political Party Liberation
Profession Diplomat, Soldier

Otto Dietrich is a New Swabian Statesman and ex NSLP military commander. He was the first post Nazi president of New Swabia and leader of the NSLP from 1967 to 1995. He is best remembered for his role in the New Swabian Civil War as one of three NSLP commanders alongside Heinrich Trelk and Tillo Freudberger.


Early Life

Otto Dietrich was born in Neumoyer during the British Mandate, like many children of the era (Including his later adversary Bernhard Knapstein) he was brought up hating the British occupiers. His father had been a soldier in the German army and his mother was a servant in a British company, he attended a primary school in Neumayer during the mandate (Due to the Anglicization process the New Swabian school system had been changed to reflect the British system) and then attended a Gymnasium during the first years of the Republic of New Swabia where he was a firm supporter of the Nazi party. At school his teachers believed that he would probably end up in some minor role in the Party where his skills in political activism and tactics would be put to good use.

He had registered to attend Neumayer University to study Politics and History in 1938 but his class were called up at the beginning of 1939 to fight in WWII.




Early New Swabian Civil War

New Swabian War

President of New Swabia

Later Years

Personal Life