The Otjomouise Kingdom
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Angola, Namibia
Butterfly Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Otjomouise Expansion
Location of The Otjomouise Kingdom
(and largest city)
Otjomouise (Windhoek, Namibia)
Demonym Otjoan
Government Kingdom
  legislature King
Established 1195 (442 AD)

The Foundation of the Otjomouise Kingdom

The Otjomouise Kingdom was established from the Bandit Republic that existed in West Africa for several decades prior. The bandit Republic was several lawless cities that gave shelter to all that entered provided that
Bandit Nation

The Bandit Republic

they would provide for their defense if they were attacked and that a part of the money the bandits would "come into" was given to the local mayor. Though it called a Republic the Bandit Republic had no central government or capital. Bandits who would attack settlements in southern Africa would hide here and many were actually refugees and immigrants from these settlements or an African nation that were looking for a life with little to no controls. The Bandit Republic disintegrated into the control of groups of bandits and fell into civil war from 1160-1195 (407442 AD). In 1195 a leader form the southern portion of the Bandit Republic rose to prominence and conquered most of the other bandit tribes surprisingly. His name was Belay Kanguime and he was from the city of Otjomouise (Windhoek, Namibia). Eventually he held control of all the Bandit Republic and named himself King of the Otjomouise Kingdom. He put his capital in his hometown and quickly established a new government. It was designed not to
King Belay Kanguime

King Belay Kanguime

hold much power and preserve the sort of life the people had become accustomed to. The people were uneasy about this new King but he soon tried to establish legitimacy by making diplomatic ties to other African nations. He got this in exchange for no longer harboring those who attacked settlements in Africa and to not expand into them. The Otjomouise made treaties with the Siddharthists and the Zulu and intended to reach out to Rome being the most powerful Empire in the Western Hemisphere.

The New World

On the journey to Rome the Otjomouise fleet was diverted and landed in a strange land that we would know as Brazil. They understood that this land was unlike anything seen or reported of in Africa or Europe and suspected they might have touched Asia. This was quickly dispelled when completely foreign people were seen and noted by the Otjomouise leadership. The Otjomouis returned to King Belay and he was splendid at this discovery and thought it to be a sign that his reign was destined to be maintained. Kanguime City (Recife, Brazil) was established as the colonial capital and the Zulu soon followed and were competing with the Otjomouise for dominance in the region ever since. Because African powers discovered OTL South America, it would later be named New Africa.

Kings of the Otjomouise

Belay 1195-1228 (442-475 AD)


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