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The following is a list of Other Subjects related to Mass Media in the French Trafalgar, British Waterloo universe. This article was created due to the inability to link these articles into the categories already present, but can still be seen as important in the Popular Culture of FTBW.

BGOSO (Russia)

The Russian equivalent of the American EBAS, BGOSO is the acronym of Bjuro Grazhdanskoj Oborony Sistema Opoveshhenija (Bureau of Civil Defense Alert System).

Main Article: BGOSO

CONELRAD (Control of Electric Radiation)

Main Article: CONELRAD


The CONELRAD logo, with the Civil Defense logo inside.

CONELRAD (Control of Electric Radiation) was a system designed for the United States to send emergency information to the American Public in the event of a nuclear exchange. It had the dual purpose of providing this information through either pre-recorded or live radio and television broadcasts, as well as reducing the likelihood of enemy bombers using the radio and television stations as beacons to home in on American cities. With the development of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s) however, the need to confuse enemy airplanes that were homing on cities with radio and television signals virtually disappeared, and the system was replaced with Emergency Broadcast Alert Service in 1962.

EBAS (Emergency Broadcast Alert Service)

Main Article: Emergency Broadcast Alert Service

The Emergency Broadcast Alert Service (EBAS) is an American Federal, State and Local emergency service designed to quickly alert the people in the locale effected via the use of television, radio, sirens and recently through text-messages and e-mails of disasters, both natural and man-made, as well as "...the event of war, the threat of war and grave national crisis." Established in 1962 to replace CONELRAD (Control of Electric Radiation), the EBAS is still in use to this day. Over the years, it has been updated, including sending a mass e-mail to all those that have signed up, starting in 1996, and recently sending a widespread text message to all cell phones made since 2008.

Luther & Locke

Luther and Locke was a popular daily newspaper comic strip drawn by American artist Bill Watterson that ran from 1989 until 2001 when Watterson announced he was retiring the strip. Quickly becoming one of the most popular comic strips ever produced, Luther and Locke was sold in 2,500 newspapers in 29 countries around the world. The comic focused on stories of a six year old boy Luther and his stuffed wolf Locke that only Luther could see as an anthropomorphic wolf in their various adventures in their unnamed American suburban neighbourhood. Touching on themes like environmentalism, art criticism, and, in the aftermath of the Crisis of 1991 nuclear war, Luther and Locke was praised for it's humor and emotion. The two weeks of comics on the Crisis of 1991 alone was used to help both adults and children understand the seriousness of nuclear war and lead to increased public demands for nuclear disarmament, and US President Sadler cited the strip as "the best thing to ever happen to this planet." The strip was ended in 2001 with a comic of Luther's seventh birthday and Luther and Locke heading out of the house, saying "Let's go exploring!" Luther and Locke has been voted as the #2 comic strip in history in 2005's "Conference of Newspapers, Comics and Magazines," beat out only by the 1937-1958 comic Krazy Kat, one of the sources of inspiration for Luther and Locke.

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