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Otakucracy of Japan

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Otakucracy of Japan
Timeline: Shattered Religion

OTL equivalent: Japan
Naval Ensign of Japan (Myomi Republic) Coat of arms of Syria-1957
Flag of North Japan Coat of Arms of ONN
536px-Japan (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Otakucracy of North Japan

私に注意してください、シニア (Japanese)
("Notice Me, Senior")

Anthem "Will of the Heart (Non-Leap Years), March of the Volunteers (Leap Years)"
Capital Hakodate
Largest city Tokyo
Other cities Sapporo
Language Japanese
  others COE
Ethnic Groups
  others Aryan, Polish, Natives, etc.
Demonym Otaku
Government Ketchum Regime
  legislature None
None None
  None: None
None None
None None
72982.5 mi²
  water (%) ಠ_ಠ
Population 127300 
Established 2018
Independence from Japan
  declared 9/11/18
  recognized 8/16/19
Annexation to Oligarchy of True Japan
  date 12/31/31
Currency Zeni
What it's neighbor has What it's neighbor has
  summer What it's neighbor has
The land of hermit cloudcuckoolanders.

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