Oswald Mosley
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Portrait of Oswald Mosley

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1937 – 1944

Predecessor Stanley Baldwin
Successor Clement Atlee
Born 16 November 1896
Mayfair, London, England, United Kingdom
Died 13 May 1946
Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Full Name Oswald Ernald Mosley
Spouse Lady Cynthia Mosley (1920–1933)
Diana Mitford (1936–1946)
Father Sir Oswald Mosley, 5th Baronet
Mother Katharine Maud Edwards-Heathcote
Issue Vivien Mosley (deceased)
Nicholas Mosley
Michael Mosley
Alexander Mosley (deceased)
Max Mosley
Political Party British Union of Fascist
Profession Political leader
Oswald Mosley was a British fascist politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1944. Mosley was best known for his approval for the invasion and the reconquest of Ireland. Mosley was executed for war crimes in 1946 at the American base in Yorkshire.