Unabhängig Reich um Ostland

Independent Reich of Ostland

File:800px-Flag of Prussia 1933.svg.png
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Königreich Preussen (Grosses)
Flag Coat of Arms


"Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit"


Location of Ostland in Europe

Capital (and largest City) Neu Prussenstadt
Official Language German
Ethnic Groups German (90%), Finn (4%), Russian (3%), English (3%),
Demonym German
Government Single-Party State
- Führer Adler Faust
- Chancellor Heinrich Wul

The Independent Reich of Ostland was the first of the Nazi German daughter states, founded out of conquered Soviet territory in 1944 by Nazi German colonists. The territory of Ostland composes of the former SSRs of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Baltic Russia. Its Capital and Largest city is Neu Preussenstadt, known in English as New Prussia or by its old name, Saint Petersburg.

Formation from Nazi Germany

Ostland was one of the sites where the Nazis employed mass-genocide of the local peoples. Despite being a historically Slavic area, the majority of Ostland citizens are of German ethnicity, descended from the waves of German colonists from the Fatherland.

Ostland derives its name from the Nazi Reichskommisariat of Ostland (East-Land in English), captured by the Germans in 1941 from the Soviet Union.

The Nazi state, unable to continue to efficiently administer the massive lands they had captured, began in 1943 to allow the individual Reichkommisariat a measure of self rule -- still subservient to the Fatherland, yet the day-to-day ruling of a nation left to the administrators of that nation.


Despite the largely decimated Russian population of Ostland, the Nazis allowed a tiny population of Native Russians to survive--as slave labor. In spite of this, Russian language, culture, and customs continue to survive in Ostland. Despite laws to the contrary, many Ostland citizens continue to refer to Neu Prussenstadt as 'Piter', a nickname which outlasted the Soviet's name of the city, Leningrad.

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