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Oslo News gives current news going on in the timeline of Early Colonization.



January 22: Flag of Norway A bombing in Oslo, Norway injures 70 and kills 14.

January 15: In Egypt, in the African Union, protests and riots are beginning. The riots are the result of many Egyptians wanting to change their Ottoman-dominated government to a democracy. Injuries are in the thousands.

January 1: US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross In Virginia, the Cincinnati Bearcats defeat the Texas Tech Red Raiders to win the NCAA college football National Championship.



December 28: St Patrick's saltire In New Clonfert, the first major blizzard strikes.

December 24: Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) On Christmas Eve, the British Resistance launch another attack on London.

December 20: The African Union sends a peacekeeping force to the Ivory Coast to prevent an upcoming civil war.

December 17: Flag of the Republic of China The Ulan Bator-Beijing Railway begins operation after being completed in September.

December 5: Flag of Turkey In Constantinople, France wins the 2010 Davis Cup, defeating the Ottoman Empire in the final.


November 14: Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) A Scandinavian attack on London rescues hostages taken by the British Resistance.

November 1: US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross The Salt Lake City Wildfire defeat the Oklahoma Ranchers to win the Western Baseball League championship.

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