Hovmarskalk Bernadotte

Oscar (Joseph Francois Oscar) Bernadotte af Wisborg was a Swedish diplomat and court marshal. He was born 4 July 1799 in Paris, and died 8 July 1859 in Stockholm. He was the only child of general Jean Bernadotte, created Swedish Count Bernadotte af Wisborg, and Desirée, née Clary, and he immigrated to Sweden with them in his childhood.

Bernadotte was educated at Uppsala university and entered a diplomatic career. He eventually became court marshal and he was also (from the death of his father 1844) a member of the house of Lords, being the head of the comital family Bernadotte.

Count Oscar Bernadotte married 22 May 1823 to Princess Josephine of Leuchtenberg, daughter of Napoleon's step-son Eugen de Beuharnais of Leuchtenberg and Princess Augusta of Bavaria, who in turn was a descendant of King Gustavus I of Sweden, thus making the entire comital family Bernadotte (except Jean and Oscar) Vasa descendants.

The couple had the following children:

Count Carl Bernadotte af Wisborg

Count Gustaf Bernadotte af Wisborg

Count Oscar Bernadotte af Wisborg, prime minister of Sweden

Countess Eugénie Bernadotte af Wisborg

Count August Bernadotte af Wisborg

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