The Osborne Conference was the conference that occurred at the end of the Second World War to decide peace treaties for the defeated parties.

It took place at Osborne House, East Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, between leaders of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland.


The British Empire

  • All dominions were to be given full independence
  • All African colonies were to be transferred to either Germany or France as mandates, apart from South Africa which would become fully independent
  • India was to be granted full independence
  • Northern Ireland was transferred to the Republic of Ireland
  • The Falkland Islands were put under French rule
  • Gibraltar was transferred to Spain
  • Other island colonies were transferred to either France, Germany or the independent nation they were considered part of

British Government

  • All members of the fascist government were to be put on trial for war crimes
  • The monarchy was to be dissolved


  • Each occupation zone would pay a not-yet-decided amount of money
  • They would be stripped of industry
  • Standard of living would not be let above the European average


  • The Royal Navy would be divided between France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland
  • The Royal Air Force would be divided in a similar fashion
  • The Army would be disbanded
  • All shipyards and military aerodromes would be destroyed


  • France and Germany would keep occupation zones in the south and north respectively
  • The Netherlands would also contribute to running these zones
  • A constant military presence would be kept
  • Britain would not be allowed to re-unite


The plans were met with jubilation in the victor nations. For Britons, many found it too harsh for a once powerful nation and there were numerous concerns about the effect of the plans on militancy.


The occupation zones (green=Ireland, grey=Germany, blue=France)

Cost of Occupation===

Both France and Germany struggled initially with running the occupation zones. After the economies of each country recovered, the budget was made higher and the Netherlands and Ireland were expected to pay more towards each. Germany eventually created two puppet states to reduce the cost. France would do this much later in the 1980s.

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