Orthodox-Protestant Republic of Carolina
Ορθοδοξία Προτεσταντική Δημοκρατία της Καρολίνας
New Improved Christian Flag (Orthodox Church-USA) No coa
Current Flag of OPRC as of 2004 Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Raleigh
  others English (de facto),
Cherokee (de facto)
Religion Orthodox-Baptist/Carolinan Orthodox Church (Western Orthodoxy) 64.45% (2012);
Paganism (Both Europan and Native American) 15.46 (2014);
Non-religion 21.08 (2014)
Ethnic Groups
  others Americans Dissents; Cherokee
Demonym Carolinan
Government Dominant-party Unity Orthodox-Baptist Republic
  legislature Patriarchate (Head of State);
President (Head of Government)
Patriarchate of Carolina John I of Western Orthodoxy (2000-)
President of Carolina Samuel Peterson (2010-)
Established September 16, 2002
Currency Carolian Drachma (Used only in Capital of Carolina),
Carolian Dollar (Used mostly by whole nation)
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Organizations American Union
Orthodox Protestant Republic of Carolina (Greek:Ορθοδοξία Προτεσταντική Δημοκρατία της Καρολίνας) is currently an Theocratic Republic and Dominant party-style Unity Theocratic Orthodox-Protestant Republic from September 16, 2002 by Greek Orthodox Missionaries from Old World and one Charlotte Chief-Mayor Spencer of Charlotte Tribe. And currently member of American Union.



Birth of Holy Nation and Rise of Western Orthodoxy in South (1998 - 2003)

First Presidential Election, 2003

Second Presidential Election 2010

Cherokee Uprising of 2011 and Autonomy of Cherokee Community

Currently History (2011 -)

Government and Politics

The current constitution of the Orthodox Protestant Republic establishes the republic under Patriarchate of Constantinople and newly reformed Charlotte as official government of nation since 1998. 



New Improved Christian Flag (Orthodox Church-USA)

It's Carolinan Official Religious Flag (Note: Also Nation's Current Flag)

Since nation is under theocracy, is almost likely converted the people who lives colonized Post-doomsday Carolina both North and South regions. But however is almost impossible to convert the very endangered an "two thousand" years old Cherokee tribe as they were Mostly Native American Paganism and they want keep their lost faith alive, That is most responsible for Cherokee Uprising of 2011 for six months costing the far-west part of Carolina into Autonomy Nation or Devolved within Carolina Nation.

Religion Demographic (As of 2014)

Orthodox-Baptist/West Orthodox - 64.45%

Paganism - 15.46%

European Paganism 13.7%
Norse Paganism 10.3%
Wicca 3.5%
Slavic Paganism 0.2%
Native American Paganism 1.4%
Cherokee Paganism 1.4%

Non-Religious 21.08%


As in 2014, is over than 5,145,678 official citizens living of Orthodox Carolina.


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